Monday, November 30, 2009

The Ramen is NOT cheap!!

And it tastes so bad, it got me blogging again. A warning to all my campus-mates, do not try (seriously...I'm not applying the reverse psychology technique here) the ramen at Taman Pekaka.

I ordered Chizu Ramen and it cost me RM 6.90! Super expensive for a student like me in a town like Parit Buntar. I thought, " It's alright, maybe it's delicious," --- NOT! My Chizu Ramen, which sounds cute, was just a normal size ramen with a slice of regular size cheese, a piece of seaweed, and 1 half of an egg, with the egg yolk missing in the soup. The soup was so bland that it made the cheese tasted overly salty, even for a fan of cheese. And where is the meat?? RM 6.90 and there is no meat at all?!!
Even burger ayam special which costs less than RM 4 has chicken patty, egg and cheese.

Sales orientated business will not survive long, especially in an area where 80% of your business must be from university students. Words have been spreading among us that your ramen is not edible at all...

As future Spock said, "Good luck." Period.

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  1. where? pekaka got new restaurant mer?